Rockman Counseling

Rockman Counseling

Since 1995, I’ve been working with adolescents and families, and over this time, I’ve accumulated insights and fine-tuned my approach. There is no magic, nor are there cures for adolescent struggles, but with compassionate and thoughtful guidance, young people can evolve to feel equipped to successfully navigate their lives and achieve their goals.

For young people the words “counseling” or “therapy” can conjure reflexive resistance. And the same can be true for adults. My approach is humanistic and integrative, which means that that the process of reflecting and healing will feel as natural as a conversation.

My approach to supporting young people is simple… remain authentic, compassionate and transparent, speak directly and clearly, ask the questions that stir critical thinking, and most importantly, partner with their support systems in pursuit of strengthening their connections.

I am glad to meet individually with the children, individually with family members, or in family sessions.

Target Areas:
Dealing With Temptations
Healthy Relationships
School Adjustment and Achievement
Integrity, Dignity and Compassion
Family/Child Communication
Risk-Taking Behavior
Goal Setting and Pursuit
Media and Technology
Self-Awareness and Social Consciousness
Health, Nutrition and Fitness
Emotional Management
Change and Loss
Drug Use and Experimentation
Sex and Sexual Orientation
Respect for Differences
Insecurity and Confidence
Fees and Payment:
* I am an Out-Of-Network Provider
* I am reimbursable through your insurance
* Sliding scale ranges between $120 and $150