I’m Sorry, Small Towns… Who Never Wanted to Be Known.

Posted: December 17, 2012 in For Educators, For Parents and Guardians, For Teenagers, My Thoughts...


Maybe just because…

Chemistry + Conditioning + Climate… Minus… Connection = Combustion

Secrets kept inside?  Emotions unexpressed? Over-exposure to violence? Under-exposure to good, kind and beautiful?

Unmet needs.

Arrogant adults too enamored with what they know?… and not humble enough to listen?

Exhausted adults too spent to deeply see… their children?

Maybe it’s not so complicated.

Maybe dark is just dark because it can’t always be light…

And maybe all we can do to lessen the frequency of human-made tragedy is to be better people in our own small worlds.

And if everyone did this… well…

But this suggestion will not be appreciated, because maybe we need the answer to be beyond our reach…

So we can not be held responsible… and we can blame the media… and we can cry for others, but be quietly relieved for ourselves that it was not our fault.

I don’t know… none of us do… no matter our degree or expertise.

But we keep trying to “know”… as if once we knew, such monsters would cease to live to take lives… and such stories would cease to fill our airwaves.

I don’t know… and people like me are expected to know… “experts” of minds and emotions and actions.

I don’t know… though people like me, and people like you, desperately want to know… so that children don’t die.

I don’t know… maybe sometimes monsters just are…

But what I do know, is that if we’re not the monsters, then we should be the hero’s… like the ones who already are… even if only in our small worlds.

I’m sorry small towns… who shouldn’t be so known…

I’ll do better.


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