be funny… or at least try to be…

Posted: August 2, 2012 in For Educators, For Parents and Guardians
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because we’re way too self-involved.  most everything to us feels like a “life or death” situation, and because of this, we often lose our perspective.  our lives and relationships consume us and this is when we lose focus or our tempers and make unhealthy or impulsive decisions.  when you make jokes, you teach us how to keep perspective and how to not get so lost in the stuff that isn’t THAT big of a deal.  granted, we may not always laugh at your jokes, and we most definitely aren’t asking you to minimize our lives or the things we think are serious, but a well placed joke or bit of sarcasm can help us lighten heavy moments that don’t need to be so heavy.  it also shows us that you’re calm and confident, and this puts us at ease… unless of course your attempts at humor come off as condescending or dismissive. and if this happens, and we get mad at you or snappy, don’t feel embarrassed, just say something like “i wasn’t trying to laugh at you or what’s going on, i was just trying to help lighten things up so we can see it all a little more clearly.”

i guess what we’re asking is that you at least try to find ways to help us lighten up.  it feels like there’s so much negativity everywhere and pressure to perform and to act certain ways, we need help staying balanced and not being so stressed out and tense.  so crack your corny jokes if you have some.  throw a little good natured sarcasm our way if it’s in you (but pay attention to how we react to make sure we got it and didn’t get hurt)… and above all else, role model for us how to keep perspective so that when stuff happens that feels serious or bad and tempts us to feel overwhelmed, we’ll be able to keep our heads, handle our emotions gracefully and see our options clearly.


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