The Grace To Live Our Textured Lives…

Posted: July 23, 2012 in My Thoughts...
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A few words to the pains I hear in so many voices… be they the stories of the teenage students I work with, the parents of the children I know, posters of blogs, teachers I spend my days with, or the friends and family I love.

None of us our alone in our pursuits of ease, and we are all more capable than we know of finding such peace… regardless of the chaos, the hurt, the fear, the loneliness or the loss that comes to us.  It’s a miraculous moment to be able to feel something we wish we were not feeling… and not need to rush or push it away… to quietly feel as graceful with our pains as we are appreciative of the pleasures that find us… finding strength in our confidence to endure the darkness, and in the knowledge that it is all merely texture, albeit at times indescribable pain, simply  waiting for its time to turn to something else.

I hear so many speak of their pursuit of happiness, and every time I hear of such pursuits, I feel only confusion… because for me, an untextured life defined only by the one emotion is not only an impossibility, but an unwanted reality. For me, I find peace in an unwavering pursuit of grace… I find peace in the idea of spending my days growing better and better at  being truly okay with each feeling that is stirred by the moments of my life, without preference and without need. And should I be fortunate enough to become graceful with the full texture of being human… I’m sure, without any doubts, that among them will be many moments of joy and happiness.

No, we will never invite darkness when we can be in light, but should the darkness find its way to our days, through mindless violence or natural disaster, the quality of grace, unreligious yet personal and deep, is a force that can ground us during such times of uproot… when all we have to move us forward, is the next strained or easy breath… and our connection to each other.


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