Suicide: A Scary Word, But A Word That Needs To Be Talked About…

Posted: July 19, 2012 in For Educators, For Parents and Guardians, For Teenagers
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Let’s just get the scary word out there. Suicide.  It’s a word most people are too afraid to say to young people.  Suicidal thoughts are more common than anyone wants to realize.  Kids and adults all over have thoughts about death and yes, even taking their own lives. When things are rough, and they are staying rough over a period of time, many people start thinking about ways to end the “rough” times. This is when thoughts of “suicide” can enter your mind because it seems like “a way out” of the rough patch. Understand that thoughts of suicide don’t make you crazy, it just means that you’re struggling to find a way through something scary or painful and that you simply need a little help finding your way through… and most importantly, that you WANT to feel better.  While asking for help and being honest with someone about how deeply you’re struggling may be hard… know that it will help. Feeling lonely or alone stinks, and the best way to feel connected to others is to share your secrets and to be real with people.  Don’t worry so much about how people will look at you and don’t silence yourself just because you’re afraid no one will understand. Be honest.  Be open.  Be brave enough to say out loud  what you’re going through because it’s very likely that the person you choose to talk to will have gone through something similar… and if they don’t respond in a way that helps you feel better, talk to someone else, and keep searching until you find someone who puts you at ease… and trust that good, understanding people do exist, either in your family, in your circle of friends, or a teacher or counselor at school.  And know that every effort you put forth towards trying to feel better will feed your confidence and remind you of just how brave and strong you can be. Death is permanent, but your sadness, confusion or pain are absolutely NOT permanent… and you will feel better again soon.

  1. Death is indeed permanent, and so is the pain and shock that is left behind after a loved one has completed such a desperate act. I lost a sister in 2007, and though the pain is less raw, it is still there, and the family unit that once existed will never ‘be’ again. My sister, driven to drug use after enduring several years of bullying in middle school, was a beautiful soul who had a great many things to give to this world. Sadly, she lost that belief about herself, and no matter what my family did (or did not) do, she became blind to the value her life still had in spite of her struggles with drugs. Her emotional pain became so tremendously raw, she did the only thing she believed she could do to end it. I will never believe she wanted her life to end, but I undoubtingly believe she needed the pain to stop, and my heart will forever be broken that she believed suicide was the only way to rid herself of it. The act of suicide goes against our very human nature to survive, and when this instinct has gotten lost, logic and reason no longer exist. I like to believe that this very fact refutes any beliefs that suicide is a sin, and I have great faith that my sister has finally found some peace. In time, I hope my family will, too. Thanks for posting. I strongly believe that suicide is about ending the pain, not ending life itself, and sometimes, it takes a lot of people and alot of courage to help someone in such a a mental state of hopelessness and desperation. My sister passed three weeks shy of her twenty first birthday, and her name was Emily.

    • Rockman says:

      There are no words that can bring ease to the hearts of loved ones who have been left behind… but perhaps knowing that there are souls in this world with enough care in their hearts to try, can give, if only for a moment, a touch of warmth. The texture of our lives undoubtedly brings to us moments of pain and loneliness… but as I remind my students every day they bring to me their life stories, just like the waves of the ocean, our hurt never stays ashore too long. I wish for you the grace to be with your sadness when it speaks to you, and the courage to let your sadness go when it is time… and I wish for you the grace to keep your love for, and memories of Emily with you each forward step you take. Keep writing of your sister and of yourself… your stories can bring ease and give strength to so many other deserving souls.

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    Too many young people are turning to suicide as their way out. It saddens me that they feel there is no other option but to take their own life. There needs to be more education on this subject to show those going through hard times that suicide is not an option and that things do get better. You are absolutely right. You shouldn’t do something permanent to fix a temporary problem.

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