What’s a Hero? Is It In You To Be One?

Posted: July 17, 2012 in For Teenagers
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Have you ever felt so proud of yourself for accomplishing something so challenging that you wanted everyone to know what you did?  Have you ever felt so confident in your character that you didn’t need anyone’s praise or recognition to feel good about yourself? Everyone wants to feel these ways about themselves; proud and confident. But most just don’t know how, especially young people.  Many kids think that hero’s only wear masks and capes but don’t exist in real life.  But this just isn’t true.  Look at your teachers, your parents or anyone you know who offers help and support (as corny as this sounds). We’re all capable of being heroic, but it takes a different kind of courage than most people think.  It’s not courage that makes people fight or act aggressive… it’s fear.  It’s not courage that gets kids to refuse to work hard or follow rules… it’s insecurity and self-doubt.  Courage is what you show when you do the hard thing like show kindness when people expect you to be aggressive.  Courage is what you show when you succeed at something where people doubt you.  Courage is what you show when you think about someone else’s feelings as much as your own. And kindness isn’t weakness. Showing kindness to others is far tougher in today’s society than showing aggression towards others. What shows weakness is giving in to your fears of being seen as “weak” and pretending to act tough by showing disrespect and aggression.  Toughness isn’t saying or showing that “you don’t care”… toughness is having the courage to admit that you do care.

We all have the capacity to be heroic. Whether it’s by writing a book to try to help young people… or by picking others up when they’re down.  You, reading this book, have the capacity to be a hero.  Whatever your race, gender, sexual orientation, home neighborhood, religion or financial situation, you have opportunities every day to feel confident, proud and powerful. All you have to do is find the courage to work hard at the stuff you’re afraid to fail at, be brave enough to show compassion when those around you are more comfortable being selfish, and display your character by proving to others that toughness isn’t shown though violence… it’s shown through thoughtfulness.


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