Boredom: It’s Boring, But That’s No Excuse…

Posted: July 17, 2012 in For Teenagers
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Have you ever blamed “boring” teachers for doing poorly in a class? Have you ever said something like “how am I supposed to learn or do well in that class? the teacher’s so boring and I’m just not interested in the subject”. If you have, you’re not the only one… but… now brace yourself for what you’re about to read… when you use “bordom” as your explanation for doing poorly, you’re only making excuses and looking for the easy way out. I know, no teenager wants to be told they’re making excuses, but you need to hear it if you want to grow up and be seen as an adult. Education is not entertainment. As annoying as this truth is for you to read, education is education. It’d be great if all your teachers were effective teachers AND funny and entertaining… but it is not their job to entertain you (and as you probably already know, most of them aren’t that funny). It’s their job to educate you. It’d also be great if you were interested in all your subjects, but you just won’t be, especially the ones you find more difficult. There’s no gentle way to say this… but even if you’re bored and disinterested, it’s still your job to learn. And guess what, you’re still capable of learning and doing really well. You just have to do the work and put in the time. It’s called discipline.  When you want to be entertained, go to the park with friends or to the movies (just not during school hours).

School is for learning and growth (and some fun, maybe, after you’ve done your job as a student), so with all due respect… and again, brace yourself for some direct truth that sounds harsh…  you might want to stop whining and complaining about how “boring” everything is, and start being proud of yourself for doing what’s boring because it’s good for your future. Start feeling the dignity that comes with doing what is necessary for you to become an independent adult capable of making your own dreams come true.


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