At my school, parents, students, teachers and administrators are often asking me to share my perspective on issues (sometimes it’s just because I’m the only social worker they know… though I hope it’s because they respect what I have to say). Some of the most common topics I’m asked to talk about are:

– Substance Abuse

– Suicide

– Self-Injury

– Sexual Orientation and Questioning

– The Role of Family Religion and Culture in Student Functioning

– Balancing Work Life and Personal Life

– Disruptive Classroom Behaviors

– Classroom Management

– Parent/Child Conflicts

– Gang Involvement

– Dealing with Administration

Being sought for my perspective is always and honor, and I enjoy sharing my insights and experiences on any topic relating to teenagers, parents, education, or life in general. The fact that everyone’s trying their best to figure stuff out motivates me to think about all things human behavior… and if I can write some words to steer people into realizing something useful about their own lives, I’m all in.  I’ll be posting regularly, but if there’s a specific topic or concern you’d like to hear my thoughts about, feel free to comment.


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