Any Friends? Or The Right Friends?…

Posted: July 17, 2012 in For Teenagers
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Being young is much easier and much more fun when you go through it with friends… but they have to be the “right” friends for you to enjoy your young years.  Loneliness and fear often drive kids to make friends with people who may not be good for them or their futures.  Many young people end up friends with other young people without thinking about “why”.  Do you try to make friends with the “popular” kids just because they’re popular? Or do you try to make friends with them because you have similar interests, values and goals?  Do you make friends based on how a kid looks, dresses or how much money their family makes? Or do you make friends based on the kind of person they are and what they stand for? Friendship is something we all get to define for ourselves, but as a rule, if a person is bringing more stress, drama, danger and conflict to your life, they might not be the “friend” for you.  If you can have the patience to wait for and choose friends that improve your life and bring laughter, safety, kindness and inspiration… your teen years will most likely be a lot more peaceful and satisfying. And if you end up becoming friends with people who you later realize are wrong for you, it’s okay to move on from them… you don’t need to be loyal to people who bring you down or put you at risk. The best way to find friends who improve your life is to join something that you enjoy… and make sure that when you meet new people, that you’re true to yourself… because it gives permission to those around you to be true to themselves… and than you don’t have to be something you’re really not.


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